How to prepare for FACE 2017? Malaysia’s Greatest AI Hackathon

You have signed up for FACE 2017 and are probably wondering what it’s actually gonna be like. In this article we’ll explain what steps you need to take to be well prepared, and to get the most out of this amazing hackathon!

On November 17–19, you will meet a lot of awesome people, get your hands on some crazy Face recognition and detection technology and meet many mentors who can give you great career/education insights.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Face Technology is one of the many applications of AI

What is Face technology?

Now let’s talk about hackathon preparation 😏

Before the Hackathon

1. Do your research

2. Install necessary software

“What programming language do I need to know?”

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • C#
  • Java

“What can I do with the API??”

We’re gonna post a dedicated post about APIs this week! I promise.

3. Play with some simple Image Processing APIs for fun

4. Pack your bag

During the Hackathon

1. Talk to as many strangers as you can!

2. Attend workshops

3. Think different

Don’t create a problem and then solve it.

4. Take breaks, laugh, eat and drink enough

(Caution: please control your caffeine intake during the event. Drinking too much coffee or too many RedBulls is not advised.)

5. Practice great teamwork

6. Get some SLEEP

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