Let me start with a few questions:

Here are my answers to these questions (email me your views sina@learningloop.org I’m curious to hear them):

The top 3 problems in the education system, in my opinion

1. Weak feedback loop

Every system needs a feedback loop to maintain its quality. Every time you use Uber or airbnb, the app…

I’ve taught programming as a hobby occasionally to kids, to old people, to finance and law students and my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym buddies, and there hasn’t been a single student who failed to grasp it, because when one teaching method doesn’t work on you, I can keep adapting until you learn. I understand what can go wrong at every point in your learning, and I can use that knowledge to craft a learning experience that works for you.

Knowing which teaching method to use is a wisdom called pedagogy, and I’ve become an entrepreneur because I wanna live the…

A product is something you build with a user in mind. Users are the difference between a working software and a product. Therefore, all products are measured by how well they serve some group of people, and how many people use them. There are, of course, products that may not do a great job of serving their target user and are still heavily used by large numbers of people, because the users have no other options. To me, the education system is a good example of that.

We attend school from the time we are 5 or 6 until we’re…

I came across a retrospective post that I wrote last year and it reminded me it’s a good time to write a 2-year review post about my growth and learning as Product Manager. I even picked a cover photo of me working with our CEO on a product that I manage, that responds to that title.

But as I started writing this post tonight, I realised I’m having a strong tendency to share more about my education instead, since tech careers are pretty much still a black box to a lot of people (including Computer Science and IT communities) and…

Re-education: a way for people to stay useful in the economy throughout the years and decades.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the need for re-education: a way for people to stay useful in the economy throughout the years and decades. I’ve liked the Mindvalley University idea (going back to university one month a year, every year) and I wish there was more of it, more inclusively available in the world.

Especially for the people who are older, or somehow underprivileged, or just not as conscious and aware of personal growth.

Over the past 5 years I’ve had 2 family members who reached a point in their life where they felt they’re not useful (one…

Instead of being mad at the messed up things in the world, we should look at the man-made systems that led to these broken things, and choose if we wanna: 1. fix those systems, or 2. adopt non-man-made systems.

Option 1 and the likes of it (creating or choosing better different man-made systems) isn’t feasible, according to Marvin Minsky. He said quite certainly that we’re not smart enough to do fix our economy, education, governance, healthcare, terrorism issues, culture, and etc. and we won’t be, ever, because they’re too complex.

Regarding non-man-made systems I have a whole long text here…

An activist is a person who is happy being unhappy about some broken thing in the world.
The unhappiness that it takes to actually make a change (in almost anything) is often way greater than the unhappiness of just living with it.

Whereas a change-maker is a person who has a clear vision of the post-change happiness, and is willing to push through the initial activation unhappiness (activation energy + that initial unhappiness) to get there.

Activists are known for their unhappiness, change-makers are known for their intelligence and grit.

Should you be an activist or a change-maker? Well, depends how strongly you feel about these real world problems. If you’re an elite, you owe it to the world to become a change-maker.

I’m very amused and stunned by Marc Andreessen’s “It’s time to build” article/podcast.

It’s basically an 180 degree shift in his worldviews from the time he debated Peter Thiel and called out Thiel for being too pessimistic about the state of innovation in the world. No problem with that, people can change their minds.

But the thing I found quite disturbing about his current thought process is that (now that he’s convinced the Western world is indeed stagnating) he attributes that to “a lack of desire and will”.

I totally disagree with him. I think the problem is the…

A personal manifest for climbing the Maslow pyramid through falls

It’s been a long time since I wrote a personal post. The last time I did dates back to probably 2015, my very first post on Medium.

Most other things that I’ve shared online have focused on my ideas rather than my character and emotions and self. Even on my Facebook and Instagram and Twitter I’m more of an education idealist and intellectual rather than my personal self. Probably because my personal self is an introvert, while my extroverted half preaches idealism and pursuit of scalable positive change in the world.

For as long as I remember, I’ve had these…

Especially in scale ups that have yet to scale up their goal setting mechanism

In a healthy organisation, you should be able to trace an individual’s success/failure back to a team goal. After all, each person operates within the context and goals of their team, and not some totally random and unrelated area.

Which means you should probably also be able to trace the team goals and context back to the organisation’s goals and vision and mission, because no team should be working outside of the that broader organisational context.

This means every time an individual succeeds or fails, it's a team success/failure, and an organisation success/failure.

Organisations that fail to create this shared…

Sina Meraji

Founder and CEO of LearningLoop.org , the universal basic education

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